Hello World

Hello world!

In college (many many years ago)… As I joined the world in watching a fresh episode of “Friends” I was hit by one of those lightning moments; it was the episode where Monica begs Phoebe to give her her dead grandmother’s recipe of the best chocolate chip cookies ever to have been invented; only to find that it was the Nestle Tollhouse recipe on the bag of chocolate chip morsels! The epiphany occurred when she said something along the lines of: “I wanna be the mom who makes the world’s best chocolate chip cookies”! That pretty much sums up this blog… Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my daughter gobble-up her dish of homemade muesli, or seeing the smile on my husband’s face as he opens a very well thought of gift…

As a person who finds comfort in de-stressing after a 12 hour working day by kneading the daylights out of a piece of dough, I’d like to share with you the projects that bring me most pleasure to make and the rewarding smiles they’ve produced on the faces of all my loved ones.

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