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Mistaka… Love thy Sheep

People look forward to the weekend for many reasons, of course bonding with my kids is on top of the list but Saturday’s are special…That’s when I get my cheese, and dairy! Why is that important? Because when the working day is over and the kids are tucked in bed and all is said and done
I find myself gravitating towards the fridge and taking out a small block of 9-month raw milk Pecorino and a bit of bread, sitting in front of the TV, getting lost in my thoughts, so much so that I find myself watching Baby TV’s interpretation of Tchaikovsky an hour later. And on days when a hearty meal is needed, I whip up a few free range eggs with a generous grating of Manchego and a sprinkling of Chives.

On a night when I was feeling a bit under the weather and my husband was cooking up his hearty Thai Green Curry, I briefly panicked about forgetting to make dessert, so as dinner was being served I had a light bulb moment and ran to my tub of Mistaka heavenly ricotta, put it in the food processor and whipped it up with 1/2 a cup of some good quality chocolate, a bit of heavy cream and a generous tablespoon of black honey from Egypt. The result was a very surprising rich chocolate mousse:

I highly recommend that you visit Nissreen in her kitchen on Saturdays and you will find yourself sampling the most phenomenal cheeses between your oooh’s and aaaah’s!

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